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On the cinema page you can setup visual elements that can animate to the beat of the music.


You can setup 2 layers types

  1. Full screen background
  2. 3D model foreground

Each layer can be painted with a richly visual shader from the availble library.


A background layer will show a full screen animation. Be sure to bookmark your favorites and report shaders that don't work.


Many many of the shaders, maybe 1/4th or more are broken, or of very poor quality. Feel free to REPORT them as broken if they don't work. I will be working to repair them over time.


Be sure to search for shaders with "audio" or "microphone" tags as they are specialized inputs.

Foreground Layer

To add a foreground layer you need to have selected both

  1. A 3D from the available selection
  2. A Shader: See Shaders

The model can be tranformed in position.

  1. Rotated
  2. Translateed