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What is Bassmint

Bassmint is creative editor for layering stems and then making music videos that are syncronized.

What to expect

Bassmint is at a proof of concept stage and is still well under development. I will do my best be backwards compatible, but be sure to take video captures of your work for the time being; I can't promise anything.


Bassmint uses at present supports a Solana Wallet called Phantom It allows you to Save and Load your sessions.


This is for sign-in authentication only. No tokens are exchanged.

Main View's

There are three main views for Bassmint

Audio View

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The Audio view allows you to arrange and layer audio stems that are taken from sample packs.

Cinema View

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The Cinema view allows you to setup a music video and animation that is syncronized to the music.


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The wiring view allows you to link the music to the cinema animations.