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Shaders one of the key ways provide a rich visual impact do either the background or [foreground elements in

What is a Shader

Shaders are small computer programs which draw on the canvas.

Each shader may have a variety of uniforms which can be modified.


Uniforms are modifiable properties of a Shader.

Primitive Uniforms

Time (Modulatable)

Time is a special case uniform that is always avaiable for all shaders. You can speed up and slow time the time of the animation by modulating the Time uniform

Float (Modulatable)

A Float the most basic uniform, a single number.

Audio (Modulatable)


One of the most special modulations available is the Audio modulation, which lets the music you've created directly power the shader.


Modify the color


  • Texture
  • Vector2/3/4

Change the Range

Change the max/min range of the uniform. This impacts

  • The slider's range
  • How far the modulation during Wiring can go

Pin a unfiorm

In order for a slider to be available in Wiring you must pin it.


Audio unfiforms, as well as time are always pinned