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Wire up the outputs of your audio sources to your shaders targets. This is called modulation


This UI is under heavy iteration.


  1. You need to have setup at least some audio and shaders to bind to.

  2. You must have some uniforms pinned


Modulation is the act of driving a shaders uniform up and down based on either the intensity of the music, or the step sequence you've associated with one your audio stems

Modulation Sources

The sources of the modulation are always driven the the stems of your track. There are 2 types of modulation sources

Audio Source

This modulation creates a source that is sourced from both the volume and frequency of your stem.

Step sequencer

You can associate a step sequence with your stem that follows the intentisty and rythem of the stem.

  1. Place nodes on the strong notes of your stem
  2. Change the velocity of those notes to match the stem

Modulation Targets

There are two target types

Audio Targets

Audio targets can only be wired to Audio Sources

Parameters (Audio Targets)

No modifiable parameters

Modulation Target

You can wire modulation sources to modulation targets.

Parameters (Modulation Targets)

VAL: The base static value of the parameter MOD: How much the value is modified +/- by the Modulation Source


time modulations have an extra setting; either offset or scale. These setting